About client

Gusanito.com is one of the leading companies in the Spanish – speaking world in terms of sending post cards (ecards), games, pictures to blog and facebook and content mobile.

Main Objectives for custom web development team

Embed new feature to exiting project

Gusanito.com is a great web platform which already have a lot functionality. We need to embed post cards creator into existing app.

Agile flow

Regular stand-ups with product owner to have agile development flow

Work with in-house team

As client have an in-house web development team and ZaraffaSoft just joined with small remote team

Facebook integration

Visitors should be able to create post cards with the images from their FB gallery


 Values client get by outsourcing web development

  • Save up to 30% budget by 3rd party library connected
  • Integrated with client’s in-house team using Agile and Redbooth software
  • Added FB integration in time using SDK

What was done?

Steps we take to reach development goals

At the beginning we collect software requirements and organise it as user stories. To effective collaborate with client’s in-house team we used RedBooth software which client pick. Also daily standup routine was added to always be on the same page with whole team.  Overall client get postal card creation ready by remote Zaraffa development team in parallel with other site features development by in-house team. It allow client to save some funds + speedup features release to the sprint.

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